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Defective Product Liability

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In product liability cases, the defendant bears responsibility if the plaintiff demonstrates that the product is flawed, regardless of the defendant’s intentions. The level of caution exercised by the manufacturer or supplier becomes insignificant in determining liability. If a defect in the product leads to harm, the defendant will be held liable for it.

Every day, we use different types of products for various purposes like health, food, transportation, work, and personal care. If any of these products are defective, they can pose a significant risk to our safety. For instance, a faulty airbag or a flawed children’s product can be dangerous.

These potentially harmful products could cause fires, severe injuries, illnesses, and even death. Experienced lawyers specializing in product liability can assist you in obtaining compensation for medical bills, property damage, physical and emotional distress, and any necessary future treatment.

We represent clients throughout the state in claims against manufacturers, retailers, and distributors who neglect the well-being of people. Contact Champion Injury Attorneys now for a FREE consultation and let us help with your case to ensure justice is served.

Product Liability Claims in California

Based on how dangerous the product can be, defective products are classified under three categories:
Defective Product Liability2

Defects in design

Products that are poorly designed can include anything a consumer buys or uses, like vehicles with design flaws, child products that are flawed, safety equipment that is inadequately designed, and more. These claims typically involve products where the design itself is flawed, which is common with medical devices or low-quality lithium-ion batteries in e-cigarettes.

Defects in manufacturing

When a product is made, mistakes can happen that result in a manufacturing defect. This defect can make the product unsafe to use, like a faulty airbag or smoke detector. Unlike defects in design, which are problems with the product’s original design, manufacturing defects are caused by errors during production. These errors can occur when manufacturers use cheaper, low-quality materials to cut costs.

Lack of proper warning

If a product doesn’t have clear labeling or instructions on how to use it, the manufacturer can be held responsible. If the manufacturer doesn’t warn consumers about potential dangers or provide recommendations for proper use, it can result in serious injuries or even death. This includes not warning against foreseeable misuse. That’s why you often see tags like “do not put in water” on electrical devices.

Generally speaking, the manufacturing company can be held liable for the injury one of its products have made.In California, everyone involved in distributing and selling the product can also be held liable. This is especially important when the product is made in another country.

It is important to know that not every product that breaks or fails with use is defective. A good rule of thumb is if you were using the product as it was intended, and you sustained a loss or injury that was not related to normal wear and tear or improper use, then you could have a product liability claim. It’s always best to consult with an experienced product liability attorney in California.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission offers a list of recalled products, news releases, and safety education materials to keep consumers well-informed about various products that are found to be defective and cause safety hazards. While it may not list every flawed or damaged product, the website is a useful starting point for investigating. It’s important for consumers to know about all the available resources that can assist them in the event of a severe injury or wrongful death caused by a faulty product.

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